Rocky Banks testifies why his album, “Trust In Banko” is sanctified 

Written by Greg Harris

MLM Stars: 4 out of 5 stars 

The trail of an artist can determine whether his music can stand the test of time and how relevant will he be over time, Rocky Banks has grown, shown, and blown his artistry to the biggest proportion that it can land with his release of his album, “Trust In Banko”. From his early days with Dice Soho and Nate Da’Vinci to establishing a full furnished sound of his own he presents today, Banks provided a strong flow that can fit in spaces where a lot of artists aren’t willing to go to. Along with that ability to slice through verses, he’s matched that with compelling ballads and melodies that generate full-length singles in this body of work. Whether it may range from the cross inspiration of Jaheim and Kendrick Lamar on “K.Y.H.U.” to waking up the congregation on his thanking the most high in “Favor” to shaking off the hate in “Hi & Bye”, all of these present versatility while being able to stick to the script. 

This being his first full-length project he’s put on a major scale, it’s great to see no boundaries were on this and how far a project can take an individual when it comes to that person’s mind, body, and soul. 

Listen here.