Matt Martians unravels a modern tale of soul with “The Drum Chord Theory”

Written by Gregory Harris  


MLM Stars: 4 out of 5

The Odd Future family has grown from its rambunctious roots that once struck the mainstream to being some of the most compelling artists to shape today’s music landscape. The Grammy Nominated group, The Internet have placed a strong impression on the modern sounds of soul and Matt Martians extends that in his debut album, “The Drum Chord Theory”. Martian travels back down the funkadelic roads of artists before he presented and outlined an original story about his relationship with a girl and their journey throughout the piece. This features the like of Kari Faux, Syd, and Steve Lacy, which derive cohesive music that meshes well with Martians' eclectic foundation. It may not receive the highest amount of stars for its entirety, but it’s one piece that’s going to be a gem for months later year. Listen, enjoy, and watch where it goes. 

Listen Here.