Rizzoo Rizzoo presents flexibility and consistency on “Drip Flair” 

Written by Gregory Harris


MLM Stars: 3.5 out of 5 

As The Sauce Factory continues to grow with Sauce Walka staying consistent with his iconic stream of space and Sosamann major league presence representing Taylor Gang, Rizzoo Rizzoo claimed his spot next in line with the "Royal Family of Sauce”. Waiting a long time to present this new piece of music, Rizzoo takes a different route with his delivery and musical elements on "Drip Flair”. As far as the quality of music goes, this lines up with “Itz Hot Sauce” as the best pieces of his discography, but it differentiates itself from the pack because it varies in the hype filled jams and mellow records of speeding down yellow brick road of success. Although the project may be short, it’s certainly a piece that’ll you’ll enjoy and get a feel for Rizzoo the artist, not your favorite hook man. 

Listen here.