DontAskGen curates a masterpiece with the "Memoirs of Summer"

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Written by Greg Harris

MLM Rating // 4.3 Out of 5 Stars

The Houston music soundscape has expanded and grown in the past couple of years, but some artists have fell to the wayside with lack of progression in their sound. The art of evolving is one key things that artists have to latch onto in order to grow in their artistry, and the process is one that takes time but with time and persistence comes quality. These characteristics have been molded in the retransformation in the image of DontAskGen, who recently changed his stage name from Genesis Iver. 

During this time where he was curating his sound, he was releasing singles to gather more traction towards his new emerging sound. As his material before this such as "Cameo" and "Forbidden Fruit" were strong pieces of work that gave light to Gen's creative vision, but it seems advanced and more enhanced with his new tape. You can hear it on records such as "How It Feel", "Hollywood", and "Titles Ruin Everything". These standout singles and the imagery that accompanied the project's road to it's release really depicted the story behind what Gen wants to deliver for his listeners. In this rollercoaster of emotions on the mixtape, Gen directs it in a way where it gives you a cinematic trip and memorable ride from start to finish. 

Check it out below.