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One NYC Night To Remember: Radamiz "NYNYNYNY" Music Video Screening Recap

Coming off the heels of inking a deal with Payday Records, Radamiz has been on a roll with releasing content for fans to enjoy. His first official debut with the label was his captivating release, “V.I.M.”, that received critically-acclaimed press throughout it’s rollout and he emerges back onto the scene with the release of his latest visual, “NYNYNYNY”. The visual ode to his hometown was uniquely curated at Ludlow Studios for the official music video screening earlier this week.

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MLM Exclusive // Richy Samo Miami Studio Session

Looking at the impact of South Florida in today's hip-hop scene, it's evident that the vibrant scenery and attitude that this area of Floridians bring to the forefront has allowed them to achieve major success at the mainstream level. While some have reached the ranks of gaining a bigger fan base, it's still some artists who are still grinding it out to increase their worth as well, and one of these veterans that we're speaking of North Miami's own, Richy Samo.

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The Little Brother Earns His Crown : Rocky Banks Sold Out Show Recap

Still sticking to that belief, Banks is coming off the release of his latest project, "Big Little Brother", probably the most versatile body of work that listeners can hear from Mr. Banks with him offering an entirety of work that propels past the boxes that some publications put him into. In effort to offer another element to its release, Banks packed a sold-out crowd in Houston to perform the project along with other hits that many of his fans are familiar with. Relive the experience of this with the help of MLM cameraman Kolby Delce and Highstarfilms.

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The Mescudi Effect: Kid Cudi Passion, Pain, and Demo Slayin Recap 

The art of capturing recaps is reliving the experience of the artist and the vibes they provide at the show. From the excitement of each son to the sporadic moments of their energy to the crowd, these recaps capture the essence and vibrancy of the concert. One artist who never fails when it comes to laying it all out on the stage is Kid Cudi.

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Frank Ocean, Solange, and 6lack set the stage at FYF Fest // Documented by Nico C

The art of the show is one thing but the impact of it is solely rooted from the vibes that artists bring to the forefront, and it's easy to say that Frank Ocean, Solange, and 6lack were among some of the acts at FYF Fest that left a great impressions to their spectators during the festival.

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Modern Life Mag presents "The Joke's On You" Recap

If you’ve been following the Modern Life Mag family for quite sometime, you have seen the growth that the magazine has taken over the years. From covering and highlighting some of the brightest talent in Houston and now transitioning into doing events in New York City was a major step, and the “Joke’s On You” solidified that. 

Relive It Here 

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Modern Life Mag “Let’s Get Physical” Recap

We at Modern Life Mag have been bringing the City of Houston together for quite some time and the movement continued with our latest benefit party, “Let’s Get Physical”. In 2017, Modern Life Mag is preparing the production for our physical magazines, we feel as it that time for us to give that memorable experience to our lifers and dedicating our mission to expand the vision in real-life form. 

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Breaking The Mold: Khari Bernard's Summer 2016 Showing At Posture Apparel

The fashion scene in Houston has opened up in the past few years with the growth of many brands and boutiques. In the short time of its opening, Posture Apparel has made it’s way to being among one of the most elite places to shop for the latest threads in the city. The creative concept store that was once a car garage has turned into a business that hosts brands such as Vintage Bleach, Marc Noir, Haculla, and more. The forward thinking boutique has turned the necks and the mindsets of Houstonians to a different beat, and this has also correlated in the line of their events as well. One of their most profound events that brought out the expanding creative scene was the official showing of Khari Bernard’s Summer Collection. 

The central focus was on the growth of Bernard’s skills when it came to the theme, his advancement in design, and cohesiveness of vision. Knowing there is not a shortage of brands who have made their into the city and have pulled in their target demographic, Bernard defied the odds and did things his way. He cultivated his line of clothing to resonate not as a source of garments that one can sport, but also relaying the message to become one with the idea that comes along with each piece he offers in his collections. 

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Modern Life Mag Recap: 40 Oz Bounce Houston 2016

The 40 Oz Van 's "40 Oz Bounce" Party Tour have been touring all parts of the USA, but it was only right for the movement to make it's way to the "City of Sprite". The H-Town edition of 40 Oz Bounce was held at the night club, VAO and hosted by the good people of Privy Houston. Here's the exclusive inside look of the turn up documented by Roger Torabi and Josh Aranada. 

Check it out and see what's it like when 40 Oz Van brings out some of the finest and lively in Space City. 

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Welcome To The TrapHouse SXSW Event Recap

SXSW is one of the most electrifying events when it comes to live music. The Spring Break filled fest is turnt with energy coming from college kids, professionals, musicians, and everyone weird in between providing the vibes in Austin, TX. Modern Life Mag dipped their feet into SXSW festivities this year at the “Welcome to the Traphouse” showcase that featured artists such as Loudiene, Rizzoo Rizzoo, Maxo Kream, YK, The Outfit TX, and more. Here’s the recap video of the showcase held at South Austin Brewery. You’ll see some of your favorite artists, brands, and more in this video.

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SXSW Photo Diaries: SteadyPrime

The streets of Austin were filled with energy, passion, and the will to have a great time. In the midst of the fun, there were the people behind the lens capturing the action and one of the sharpest photographers documenting the action was SteadyPrime. The Texas native made it apparent that these moments were more than a picture but a sharp moment in time you can identify with.

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Modern Life Mag at the Fader Fort Recap Photos

During our SXSW adventures on our last day in Austin, we had a chance to visit to Fader Fort but unfortunately didn't get in. Long story short, the line was moving sluggishly for three hours and it was finally time to tap out. Aside from the disappoint of not getting in, we had a chance to get some photos outside with some cool folks. Among the people who are in the gallery are GoldLink, Rome Fortune, SheLoveMeechie, Gunner Stahl, and more. 

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The Day The Youth Ruled Houston : Trill Sammy + Dice Soho Houston Concert Recap

Trill Sammy and Dice Soho had made an appearance at my former high school’s pre-state pep rally not because I was there, but because my Twitter timeline was filled with the hype.   Dice Soho had been in my playlists rotation since the "Mary and Molly" days but never had I seen the hype around him and his tour partner like this; I mean my former high school is in the top twenty largest public schools in the nation and they were all proudly riding these guys’ wave.  You had to have been blind to not see the duo putting in major work, scheming something big, something bigger than opening for Maxo Kream, something bigger than making a song with Slim Thug, that something being the embarkation of their very own Texas Tour.

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Houston rolls out the red carpet for it's "30 for 30" commemorative event

The Houston creative scene has been one that has been bubbling for quite sometime but it was until recently we gathered the important people behind the scenes in one place and honored those who deserved it. From those who are the writers to the directors to the radio hosts, Wire Studios included all of these vital pieces in one place to network, celebrate, and plan for what's to come this year. 

Check out the exclusive photo recap here. 

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Modern Life Mag's 5th Anniversary Party (Photo Recap)

Modern Life Mag has been a staple publication in the Houston area for quite sometime now.In the midst of getting all of this work done, we must celebrate as well. The MLM crew collided forces with ByBreezy to celebrate our 5th Anniversary and her birthday at Eastdown Warehouse. Here's the official recap of the event. Click on the photo to check it out.  

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