The Day The Youth Ruled Houston : Trill Sammy + Dice Soho Houston Concert Recap

Sammy Tour 3.jpg

All photos by BlueStarr x Alumni 

Trill Sammy and Dice Soho had made an appearance at my former high school’s pre-state pep rally not because I was there, but because my Twitter timeline was filled with the hype.   Dice Soho had been in my playlists rotation since the "Mary and Molly" days but never had I seen the hype around him and his tour partner like this; I mean my former high school is in the top twenty largest public schools in the nation and they were all proudly riding these guys’ wave.  You had to have been blind to not see the duo putting in major work, scheming something big, something bigger than opening for Maxo Kream, something bigger than making a song with Slim Thug, that something being the embarkation of their very own Texas Tour.


On my way up I started thinking back to when Maxo Kream had his “AirMaxo” Pop Up Shop at Shalon & Rogers.  I met Dice Soho’s official photographer, Edgar (Alumni), it was his birthday and he was still out working,he was about his business. He told me first that Dice Soho was working hard and soon things would take off.  No one ever introduced me to Trill Sammy but for Dice to be working so closely with him I knew he too had to be filled with these hard working ethics.  Edgar was right and I was now on my way to favorite venue in Houston to watch no one other than Dice Soho and Trill Sammy.

First Leg of the Show

When I arrived it was Spilly Neutron who first took the stage.  I had this perception of Spilly as the weird high school protégé of the Sauce Twinz before I got to see him perform his set.  It was so much better than the nervous kid I saw perform at SXSW almost a whole year ago that I found myself enjoying the set.  The performance of his song, "Independent" got me to set him apart as his own artist with his own identity.  Daylow Dev hit the stage next and was mister "Turn the fuck up” for the night.  He brought to the stage an energy that was unmatched; it was the first time that night that I saw people jumping completely lost in the bliss of the moment he created.  One of his track "Back to the Trap" ft Trill Sammy and shout out to his family. 

Marcus LaTrill took the mic next with his whole crew bringing a mob like mentality to the stage.  This only escalated the energy in the air as all of a sudden the concert started to resemble a riot.  You should peep his song "Yellow Gold" ft Dice Soho.  The duo Byron Bandanna and Sparely Jones took over with this too cool for school vibe.  It was around this time of the concert that the entire dancing concept involved in underground rap took over; jigging, dab, etc.  To end the pre-headliner hype, Nate Da’Vinci and Rizzoo Rizzoo took their respective turns at the mic. Some of Houston's favorites had the crowd excitement for the headliners.  If anyone else would have come out, the crowd may have passed out as a group of over anticipation, lack of patience, and pure excitement. 

The Headliners + More

Trill Sammy and Dice Soho hit the stage and complete madness was upon everyone in the venue.  The chants for both artists and the screeching coming from the girls in attendance was so loud it was difficult to comprehend what song was playing.  Dice kicked off the dual set with his track, "HandCuffs" ft Rizzoo Rizzoo, Sauce Walka, and 5th Ward JP.  Trill Sammy followed up Dice with his track "Like Martin".  The two took the blast of energy they received from the crowd when they first came out and kept it going. As if things were not already completely blissful, the crowd heard the line “Kream Clicc Gang… Bang,” and out came Maxo Kream.  The Mary and Molly beat began to play as Maxo and Dice Soho faced the crowd as a duo and yelled; “Mary and Molly they bringing their friends.”  After everyone was reminded Dice Soho is doper than a "Dope Dealer" Maxo Kream took over the stage to perform "Fetti." 

It wasn’t exactly expected but the concert had been taken to a whole new level as Maxo Kream exited and the original duo took back their stage without a step being lost.  Trill Sammy and Dice Soho kept going back and forth transferring the grand energy inside the venue from song to song.  Almost like a fable, Slim Thug appeared for a unbelievable performance of the trio’s freestyle song, "Watch Out."

For me, it solidified Trill Sammy and Dice Soho’s status as serious musicians in the culture that reigns king not only in the hearts of every trill person in Houston but the entire state.  They ended the concert with their own collaboration "Just Watch"; it was bitter sweet but something told me it wouldn’t be the last time I would watch either perform.

I got to experience the Wilding in Texas Tour!