Chicago is the Place For the Youth: Chicago Sleepers x Papikodone Party Recap

Written by Greg Harris // Photos by Damian Oleas

As you can see, Modern Life Mag has moved in more of direction of shining light on different cities besides Houston. One of those bright places in the nation has to be the "City of Win", but to others it's known as Chicago. For those who haven't been familiar with the landscape of the art and culture scene there, you have the likes of Chicago Sleepers, ArtByJeremy, Brent Rambo, Lyrical Lemonade, and more who are making a difference and representing the city in their own respective industry. One night embodied that feeling with one of their latest parties that happen to bring Ethan Cutkosky , also known as Carl from the star studded show, Shameless. One of Chicago's most precise photo man Damian Oleas to document the night and showcase how the youth are making a change in the city. 

View the photos below.