Breaking The Mold: Khari Bernard's Summer 2016 Showing At Posture Apparel

All photos + video by Greg Harris, Oaks, and TeeHundred

The fashion scene in Houston has opened up in the past few years with the growth of many brands and boutiques. In the short time of its opening, Posture Apparel has made it’s way to being among one of the most elite places to shop for the latest threads in the city. The creative concept store that was once a car garage has turned into a business that hosts brands such as Vintage Bleach, Marc Noir, Haculla, and more. The forward thinking boutique has turned the necks and the mindsets of Houstonians to a different beat, and this has also correlated in the line of their events as well. One of their most profound events that brought out the expanding creative scene was the official showing of Khari Bernard’s Summer Collection. 

The central focus was on the growth of Bernard’s skills when it came to the theme, his advancement in design, and cohesiveness of vision. Knowing there is not a shortage of brands who have made their into the city and have pulled in their target demographic, Bernard defied the odds and did things his way. He cultivated his line of clothing to resonate not as a source of garments that one can sport, but also relaying the message to become one with the idea that comes along with each piece he offers in his collections. 

His most recent batch was filled with a mixture of clothing that was featured from both the recent and past collections and the set up of the store catered to both visions. Walking in, one can see a wooden table to your right that’s mixed with the relaxed streetwear Tsunami products that Bernard offers, alongside with his long-time friend and collaborator New Orleans-based designer Tvche, who’s brand walks the line of hood related clothing with also presenting a sense of elegance that bridges both components. As you stroll more into Posture’s layout, you head towards the back where you see the pop art influenced denim jackets and shorts that're displayed on mannequins as if these threads were to be showcased for the typical winter session of fashion week. The blend of both perspectives gives shoppers the opportunity to mix and match what threads they would like to choose from. 

Another aspect that made the experience unique was the usage of colors. The full pop art cartoons that were displayed on the denim jackets correlated with the comic books laid out under the clothes. The cohesion between both elements reveals Bernard’s vision to the fullest extent and promotes how much potential he has as a budding designer. 

The matter of options throughout the event gave light to visitors to mingle with other creatives to network, vibe out to the music that’s supplied was by Yobi, and ultimately bring the culture together for better opportunities and more themed events that drive towards the city’s evolution. Posture has made the first move of bringing an event like this to light, and it’s only a matter of time where this is going to be a routine for Houstonians to shop, network, and create with one another. 

Check out the gallery and video featured below.