Just For Kicks: 2016 Winter Sneaker Summit Recap

Written by Greg Harris

When it comes to urban legends in the city of Houston, one may refer to the mysterious deaths of Fat Pat and Pimp C, how DJ Screw sold his Screw Tapes, and another would be what makes the Sneaker Summit such an event for everyone around the nation and beyond make it an event everyone has to attend. This winter marks another year Houstonians and their visitors get the chance to show off their grailed sneakers, independent and major companies get to set up their booths for shop, and creatives get to network in one space of talented individuals. This year here are some snaps featuring the likes of Dice Soho, Nate Da’Vinci, 93’s Own, DJ Shante, DJ Mr Rogers, Bun B, and more. This day was one to remember and here are some exclusive visuals from our staff photographer, Laudis below. 

Check it out here.