Empowering the Future: Fifty Shades of Magic Networking Brunch Recap

Written by Gregory Harris // Photos by Gregston Hurdle

During a time where things are quite sensitive and the future may seem unpredictable, a collective of young ladies from the Northeast come together to present various ideas and provide different outlets for aspiring creatives. Spearheaded by seven young ladies, Fifty Shades of Magic has laid the foundation for the ladies of tomorrow with their vision to empower the “Girl Bosses” of tomorrow with the right tools, whether it’s in the classroom, office, or any medium one chooses to take upon with their career. The collective gathered students from the Newcomers High School and the YMCA in Queens for the first portion of the event which was a workshop on Girl Boss 101, Girls in Music, and Health. The second portion was driven for ladies in college and featured Erin Turner of Essence Magazine, Jame Jackson of InStyle Magazine, Amber Scott of the NBA, Mandy Bowman, owner of The Official Black Wallstreet, and Samantha Carrie Johnson of SCJ Real Food/#EatRealorDie Movement as the guest speakers. Along with their presence of giving free game to those who were interested, there food catered by Keep It Chef NYC, who’s cooked for the likes of Nas, Nipsey Hussle, and Belly and there was goodie bags filled with custom made jewelry by King Me by Pink Grasshopper, Glossybox discounts, and chokers made by St. John’s student, Brittani Ashley. 

This day was filled with much prosperity and hope, and here’s an exclusive look on it from the lens of Gregston Hurdle.

Check out the gallery below.