Prairie View A&M’s Super Hump Day // Documented by ArtisCharles

Written by Greg Harris

When visiting any Historical Black College or University, the sense of pride, heritage, and tradition breathes life into your visit and how you portray the campus. While strolling along the campus on Wednesday, it’s a day of much fun, activities, and seeing the student life + faculty erupt the walkways and courtyards due to the impact of their famed “Hump Days”. For those who don’t know of this day, Hump Day is the mid-week celebration where resident students, greek life, sports teams, school affiliates, and visitors come together to celebrate school traditions and embrace the future of the school. A couple of weeks ago, Prairie View A&M University student and budding photographer, ArtisCharles gave Modern Life Mag an inside look of what their “Super Hump Day”. The school posted on the outskirts of Houston, TX shows much pride, excitement, and energy that can’t be matched anywhere else. 

Check out the gallery here.