Digging Deep Into The Underground Art of Houston: Get to Know BlkWave, Pierre, and Kane

I got there late but followed the sound of the music straight to the apartment.  It was dark but the music was loud and the people were full of energy.  My girlfriend was uncomfortable at first but it wasn’t long before she had a smile on her face and was telling me how much she was enjoying the atmosphere.  It was kind of chaotic but there were three dudes obviously present for something more then the party.

Wayne was adamant about playing a mix he had made earlier almost certain that it would create this vibe in the room he had envisioned before hand.  Kane was out and about mingling with a female in the too cool Rodeo trucker hat and Fubu jersey. Pierre was almost unconsciously displaying his passion for photography as he worked to find what he considered a good photo of the girl that was passed out on the floor. 

It didn’t take a long conversation before I began to realize how dedicated and motivated the three were to finding out the correct ways to make careers of their passions. They had originated from all over the country and still inhabit different areas but connected through the grand public school system in Houston Texas.  They are out here striving to impact their culture and it won’t be long until these attempts at injecting their talents make significant waves.

                                                                  Wayne  (@blkwave.us)                                                                                                                     Photoby @blakedorian


                                                            Wayne (@blkwave.us)                                                       

                                                           Photoby @blakedorian


How’s your modern life?

Ehhh it’s not easy but it’s nice it’s pretty cozy.  I’m doing good I’m chillin not stressing about a damn thing…. I’m good.


Who inspires you?

Jerry Hsu, Jason Dill, and artist named Marina Abramovic.  Really a lot of artists I follow on tumblr; my friends Ale and Matt Yoscary.  One last shout out to @allworknopay


Describe living in Austin and being apart of Houston?

I moved to Austin two days ago from New York so I don’t have a real opinion on it yet.  I hated living on Houston when I was younger; I had no car and I lived in the middle of no where on top of the school system hating me.



                                                          Pierre La Flare (@pierre_2icey)

                                                        Pierre La Flare (@pierre_2icey)


How’s your modern life?

My modern life is seeing myself grow to show these lil niggas that they need to follow their own path and only look within for guidance instead of being that dude sucking dick for a handout.



Kid Cudi. If it wasn’t for him, idk I would be dead.


How’s TSU?

College made me think about what I want to do with my life really.  It made me think about adventuring and how I want to be more then a salesman…. I want to be my own Salesman.



I wanted to stay in the city to continue collaborating with all the good people in the area.  The McClain art gallery helps me connect with people over all their super duper dope art and loud pics.  There’s just a lot of positive energy that helps keep me focused on my art.

                                                           Kane (@screwedupkane)

                                                          Kane (@screwedupkane)


How’s your modern life?

I just wake up and get it everyday.  I do what I got to do to be ready for the next day.  Time don’t wait on nobody I’m young and not trying to play catch up when I’m old. 

Make sure to keep up with these guys and see what they do next. 

- Enrique