Scott Brown Fye Guys Radio Interview 

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*Disclaimer: This interview was taken around late January 2017, so it was shortly released after his project, "Free Game". 

Fye Guys Radio has been plugging in with artists and creative individuals who have emerged in their creative industry. Today’s spotlight interview guest is another artist who has made his way onto the Houston music scene, Scott Brown. Straying away from newer trends with his peers, Brown sticks to the older essence of the slowed down Houston tempo with similar rhymes that have a cadence like Dom Kennedy’s. Blending these elements in his records, it shows his versatility in his matter of storytelling and being able to deliver a thorough piece of evidence that is his life. In this interview our host, Gregory Harris talks to Brown about his project, “Free Game”, growing up and working in the industry of the Houston music scene, learning from the wise, and more. 

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