On The Verge: In The Leech Clothing

Being a blogger I’ve seen a lot of art forms come and go in the past years, especially when it comes to music and fashion. When a brand starts their line of clothes, they must keep in mind that’s it’s not only about what is offered at this moment but what can they do down the line 5 to 10 years from now. One brand who is getting their feet wet and getting their name out in the Houston area is In The Leech Clothing. Still in their primitive stages and figuring out their place, ITL have already set the tone by getting the likes of Rizzoo Rizzoo, Easie Cam, and more to sport the brand. The young clothing line are off to a great start, now it’s time for them to keep this train rolling in the right direction and have the rest of the city get hip to what they have to offer.

View some of their threads below and shop with them here.