MLM Premiere: SlomoCup x Wes Blanco Polaroid Lookbook

Written by Greg Harris

The strength of the Texas Culture has oozed into the seams of hip hop with the items of “Drank”, slowed down music, and country lingo. The presence of Texas continues to push the bar with innovation and setting their tone in the industry, one company who’s been paying homage to that mission statement is SlomoCups. The San Francisco/Toronto based brand has changed the game for the famed double cup by injecting molded, surgical grade Bayer plastic. The cup has been seen with the likes of Young Thug, YesJulz, Paul Wall, Young Jeezy and more. 

We recently had a chance to shoot with these cups and feature Houston’s budding artist, Wes Blanco. The Polaroid shot gallery by Greg Harris brings light to the essence of the cup and Wes and how it bridges a new culture for Houston. 

Check out the gallery below.