Modern Life Mag Recap: Born Broke Pop Up Shop featuring WhyJae

“We were all born broke to something.  EARN what you don’t have.  GET UP and go get it.  This Marlboro born broke drop is a subliminal message.  Growing up I seen a lot of people say they were broke but always had their daily pack of cigarettes.  My point is no matter how “broke” you are, you’ll always find a way to get what you really want or feel you need.  Be addicted to success and don’t allow your being broke to the knowledge you lack right now stop you from becoming what you know you can be” – Why Jae



Towards the beginning of this summer I had the opportunity to interview Why Jae after he opened up for Kyle on the King Wavy tour.  I have regretted the way I approached that conversation the entire summer because I asked what it was that he was going to do next…. Yes it may seem like a fair question but in retrospective the manner in which I executed the question made me feel as if I had undermined the caliber of his most recent project, Timeless. 

  Now some months later Why Jae has blessed his following AKA Lifers with a few new songs via Soundcloud and most notably a clothing brand entitled Born Broke.   The brand made its debut with a Pop Up shop at a store in South Houston named Urban Assault.  Urban Assault and Why Jae have worked well together in the past and are making a note worthy push in Houston’s street wear scene by producing quality pieces without breaking their customers bank.  The Pop Up Shop was just another testament that the wave being led by Why Jae is organic; organic in the sense that it is all product of someone that is still very connected with the exclusive group known as the modern day youth.

Below is a recap of the Pop Up Shop filmed by Jaquory Vaughn with some film from the early summer interview.