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Love Him or Hate Him, Lil Jake Makes His Own Waves // Get to Know Lil Jake

In our perspective section, we've established a foundation to break creative individuals whose making their head way in their respective industry. In the past we've highlighted Kei, whose the hard working diligent manager behind household name 21 Savage, we tapped into the intel of Alamo Records and Daily Chiefers with Joey Walker, and today we're featuring The Windy City creative Lil Jake. 

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Papikodone invades the Chicago Sleepers Podcast

In an age where social media leads to instant gratification and it’s also the platforms for the annoying socialites, it’s hard to differentiate who’s really about their business and who’s not. Being a supporter of the Chicago Sleepers since the earlier parts of this year, they have brought individuals who have shaped a unique culture in today’s time and one of these individuals is Papikodone.

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Waking Up Chicago and Beyond: Get Hip to Chicago Sleepers 

The City of Win has been taking back a lot of it’s glory with the Chicago Cubs winning their first world series in over 100 years, and Chance the Rapper being the barrier breaker for online streaming music and winning three Grammys, it’s easy to say that Chicago is at the top of their game. This continues to be a cycle from the individuals who are making major moves to the indie acts and creatives as well, and you see that with Chi-Town’s growing podcast The Chicago Sleepers. 

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