Waking Up Chicago and Beyond: Get Hip to Chicago Sleepers 

Written by Gregory Harris

The City of Win has been taking back a lot of it’s glory with the Chicago Cubs winning their first world series in over 100 years, and Chance the Rapper being the barrier breaker for online streaming music and winning three Grammys, it’s easy to say that Chicago is at the top of their game. This continues to be a cycle from the individuals who are making major moves to the indie acts and creatives as well, and you see that with Chi-Town’s growing podcast The Chicago Sleepers. 


The show is hosted by the likes of the young, talented, and transparent skills of Lil Jake and Lil Jaw. These two bring a energy that gets to the point of letting the interviewee tell their story but also do it in a way where it engages the viewer and makes everyone seem comfortable. You see that in the Lucki, Warhol SS, Polo Boy Shawty, and JoeFreshGoods interviews, they bring a different side of their story that hasn’t been told on print, video, or audio. 

Their movement has brought light to what the new culture of Chicago has to bring to the table, but also doing it in a fashion where it’s different. For example, they recently threw a $1 party for Lucki and Warhol SS in a warehouse, this brought out the grunge, accessibility, and fun that underground parties bring. It’s things like this that bring differentiation to the forefront and how this recipe that they’re using will have them to win in the long road. 

We recommend you guys get hip to their podcast and see how their revolutionizing the game now. Watch Here.