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Drawing Outside The Lines: Papikodone

You may be familiar with his work from his cover art being on some of your favorite Soundcloud artists songs, LUCKI's "Watch My Back" art piece, Divine Council's material as well, and more. His famed pieces has garnered the eyes of many and he's one of the most sought after artists in today's time due to his unique abstract format for his pieces and the open elaborateness that he brings to his work.

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Papikodone invades the Chicago Sleepers Podcast

In an age where social media leads to instant gratification and it’s also the platforms for the annoying socialites, it’s hard to differentiate who’s really about their business and who’s not. Being a supporter of the Chicago Sleepers since the earlier parts of this year, they have brought individuals who have shaped a unique culture in today’s time and one of these individuals is Papikodone.

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Blank/Canvas: The Graphic Artists Who Are Up Next

When looking at projects, one of the first things that one notices is the art that’s delivered with any project. It’s the visual aid and the first thing that one sees when clicking on a new mixtape, blog post, tweet, or any medium where it features visuals. As these visuals may give viewers some insight on what they’re getting into, Modern Life Mag wants to focus our attention towards the artists who are captivating on the art of presentation. Graphic Design is a stronghold in the creative community and it keeps things together when it comes to completing one’s vision, and this feature will highlight some of the brightest who are trailblazing their way into the industry. Breaking barriers, settting their own trends, and ultimately cultivating, stay tuned for the individuals to make significant changes in the visual community. 

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