How Houston melodic artist, Trevor Daniel is going to help change the tide of Texas Music

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Written by Greg Harris

When it comes to the demographics of sound in the Houston area, it's not necessarily a lot of artists who breaking on the national market in the areas of R&B/melodic vibes. Unless you're supported by a major label already, it's not much of a scene in that area or genre that's bringing artists in the city together to craft dope material. Where some see this as a disadvantage, artists such as Trevor Daniel saw this as the perfect opportunity to become a big fish in a small pond of talented artists who are presenting great vibes to the forefront. 

The Houston singer has been bubbling on the national forefront with barely any support from the Texas scene at face value. As time went on, Daniel maximized on his secular sound that favors very mellow pieces that show a resemblance of Post Malone to a certain degree but still implements big hints of originality to his work. This amount of differentiation in his body of work made him one of the anomalies in the Lone Star state who is putting quality music and versatility in a genre that sometimes gets a bad rep for following one particular song pattern. 

Along with artists such as DontAskGen and LoveonFriday, these three basically built a creative community amongst themselves to present a different level of branding, sound, and presentation of their music to the forefront and it's ultimately worked on all their behalf to increase the visibility of their material. While Daniel's name was bubbling on various Youtube pages and different publications, it streamlined him into the offices of Alamo Records to seal a new deal as one of the first artists for Taz Taylor's imprint under Alamo, Internet Money Records.

Taylor has been known for his work behind Lil Skies, Drake, Trippie Redd & XXXTentacion, and more but he's also built a modern incubator for his team of producers to create and crack the Billboard charts with their hits as well. The move was certainly smart on Daniel and his team's behalf because it ensures a consistent flow of exceptional producers who get to work with an artist who's an enigma in his own right. 

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The rise of Trevor Daniel is far from being finished, truly it's only first couple of chapters of the long career he'll be having over the course of time. While many may be up in arms about Southwest Houston artist, Don Toliver and his official chaining day to Travis Scott's "Cactus Jack" imprint, it's only a matter of time until the world gets hip to the differentiated sounds of Trevor Daniel and how he will be magnifying and changing the soundscape of what it means to be a melodic artist from the Bayou City. 

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