Get Familiar with The People Behind Comethazine's Long Awaited Project, "Bawskee"


Written by Greg Harris

If you’ve been following the progression of Alamo Records, it’s easily one of the most definable labels in today’s time in hip-hop music. Seeing the soundscape of music change over the past couple of years, where you see more younger artists exploding onto the mainstream, Alamo was indeed one of the front-runners in a label standpoint to fine-tune raw talent and mold into superstar fashion in the matter of under a year. What Alamo Records has done with South Florida stars, Smokepurpp and Wifisfuneral have been remarkable. In a matter of 18 months, these guys went from being two of the most exciting artists to help cultivate a sub-genre to being trailblazers of today’s modern sound and landing on the cover of XXL’s 2018 Freshman Magazine. The evolution that has molded these artists turned a new tide in today’s music, and this same process will become even more prevalent when Comethazine’s drops his debut project, “Bawskee”.

Joining Alamo Records in October 2017, Comethazine was fairly known on the underground circuit but it wasn’t too a point where kids in certain areas were familiar with his work. The uncanny presence he’s provided with his sound has only grown and this is purely credited to the key playmakers listed below that has Co go from the semi-talented artists that generate a load of views to an intriguing enigma that hip-hop is not necessarily ready for.

These four positions listed above are the gel and glue of what made this project become what it is and also give a specific direction not only in the sense of artist development but also having the like focus on all ends to execute this.

Starting from the top, Joey Walker’s role in the music industry has made him one of the key ears for today’s scene with him being the lead editor of Daily Chiefers and having responsibility behind signing Smokepurpp, Comethazine, and RonSoCold to Alamo. But before Joey pulled the gun on taking this chance on Co, Kolby Turner, the culture whisper at Alamo and one of New York City’s key influencers in music and fashion, made it his priority to bring Co on board and since then these two have worked extreme magic into turning the public’s attention on the bright rising artist from East St. Louis.


With these two helping curate the sound and image of what Comethazine, it’s allowed Mateo Dorado to pinpoint and execute key management opportunities for Comethazine. First making his name known in the South Florida market, Mateo threw some of the biggest shows down there in recent memory that included the likes of XXXTentacion, Ski Mask The Slump God, Lil Pump, and more. Using this expertise and expansion, Mateo’s has given the blueprint for Co to go on his own solo tour, have the Spaghetti Boys DJ his set at Rolling Loud, help curate and create special opportunities with Fool’s Gold, Know Wave radio, Noisey, and The Berrics. Mateo’s forward-thinking insight has certainly moved Comethazine’s material at a faster rate than other artists who’ve been signed under a year and this initiative to be forward-thinking has paid off greatly with executing the vision for the project before it drops.

Last but certainly not least is the importance of sound and how it’s become a key asset into the art of Comethazine. Nicholas Guinan, a prolific engineer at one of NYC’s prime studios, Jungle City, has been making it his mission to perfectly craft the brash attitude that Comethazine brings to his records. If Comethazine is bringing the raw materials to make dinner with his singles, then Nick is putting the magic touch to perfectly gloss over the singles so it can have the best replay value possible. The killer combination that Nick, Kolby, and Co have in the studio creates an infectious vibe that pulls from various directions that complete the sound that Co ultimately makes. Something off-the-wall mixed with dashes of drip that carries a side of uniqueness, it’s one of a hell package once it becomes a finished product.

Given all these positions that play different parts in the portrayal of an artist goes to show readers that it’s more than a notion to perfectly craft something that a mass audience can hear. All roles mentioned in this article play vital roles into the artist’s development not only when their in the studio but in real life as well. Each person mentioned has a bond with Co in some form of way and with each asset playing a different role, it gives him different things to pull from when making these bangers he’s been flushing out with ease. The key is too not only put these artists in places where they can craft music and go on shows, it’s the message you want to relay in each layer you’re helping your artist in, and in this case it’s only right that the hard work is credited to those who are responsible for putting this art together.

Bawskee will be out on all platforms this Friday, August 24th.