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From Cult-upringing to Cult Following, Lucky Daye Heads Towards the Mainstream

Painted – Lucky Daye. It’s stupid how much talent saturates this record. The sonics spill out into a lush atmospheric canvas which is splattered with Daye’s melodic and harmonic paint – not a single dull point amongst the entire album, which is outstanding given the current norm of releasing quantity rather than quality.

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How Houston melodic artist, Trevor Daniel is going to help change the tide of Texas Music

When it comes to the demographics of sound in the Houston area, it's not necessarily a lot of artists who breaking on the national market in the areas of R&B/melodic vibes. Unless you're supported by a major label already, it's not much of a scene in that area or genre that's bringing artists in the city together to craft dope material. Where some see this as a disadvantage, artists such as Trevor Daniel saw this as the perfect opportunity to become a big fish in a small pond of talented artists who are presenting great vibes to the forefront.

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