The Rundown: Lil Prada

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Written by Greg Harris 

In the turn of the new year, it's another chance for blogs and publications to catch up on the latest when it comes to new music and new artists. In the process of doing so, it's been some artists who were establishing their foundation and keeping a strong pulse towards the end of 2017, and already have kicked this year into high gear. In the midst of the surge that's happening in the West Coast, it's been some young cats from Phoenix who've been establishing their own wave as well. 

One of the generals of this movement includes Lil Prada, a young rambunctious rapper from one of the hottest cities in the country. Collaborating with the likes of Lil Stacy and Yung Sav, PHX is brewing a younger and rebellious mix of rising artists who are breaking the rules. Prada's clever lines and upfront rapping style is at the center of it and it's only right he gets the spotlight feature in our "Rundown" interview series. 

Read our latest piece with the rising Phoenix star about his upbringing, what he thinks it's going to take for PHX to rise, his goals, and more.

Read below.

How’s Your Modern Life?

Shit is pretty hectic. Can't lie it's getting better off this music shit no doubt.

What are three things you have to do when you first wake up?

1. Brush my teeth

2. Eat

3. Roll some gas pack

How would you describe your upbringing in Phoenix?

Honestly, it was all natural, I'm not even taking what I do serious, that's what I'm tryna focus on more in 2018. 

How would you compare Phoenix to the rest of the West Coast?

Phx is hot as a bitch and people ain't gon fuck with you until they see everyone else do lol. I love PHX but we currently on fuck shit. 

The Phoenix creative scene is interesting, to say the least, but the common thread between you, Foulplay, and Injury Reserve is that you all share a level of punk in what you do. What do you think drives rebellious attitude?

All the fake love drives us. Niggas will act like they fuck with you to take your fans. It's sad as fuck but everyone gonna get it regardless, I can't complain. 

In what ways, do you think the scene in Phoenix needs to elevate?

Everyone can't be everywhere. People need to understand that dick riding shit ain't getting you nowhere. Work for your own shit. 

You collaborate a lot with Kill Stacy, how did you guys get connected at first?

Deadass through twitter, now he's my brother and we taking over lol

Aside from both of you guys, who are some other artists from the area that are making noise as well?


Yung sav 



and my video guy Daniel Jordan K 

How do you feel like this young generation from Phoenix is going to make a difference for the city?


We gonna make it okay to be different and make it okay to do what the fuck you wanna do.

What are some goals you have for this year?


How do you want to revolutionize music?

I don't plan on that shit, I just wanna do this shit cause I like it.

When it’s all said and done, how do you want to be remembered?

I want to be remembered as the one person who actually helped and genuinely cared about this music.