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Portland's shining star, Amine ups his bets even more with his latest body of work, "ONEPOINTFIVE"

By now, I’m sure just about everybody knows the 2016, off-kilter hit “Caroline,” and it’s homely, yellow-dipped music video with masterfully ham-fisted Tarantino references which compliment the lyrics. Obviously, from the jump, the rapper behind this piece of work is very polarizing. Love him or hate him, however, Aminé burst into the spotlight with a sly tenacity and refreshingly creative positivity. I will admit that while I enjoyed “Caroline” when I first heard it, I was able to recognize how radio-friendly it’s sound truly was, and I knew almost instantly just how overplayed it would be in the near future - yes this is my self-righteous way of proclaiming how much deeper my appreciation of music is than you by saying I found a track that blew up before it was big; and yes this makes me a better person than you.

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Producers Only: RonRonTheProducer

As Modern Life Mag has bobbing and weaving with planning content across all cylinders, we had to come back to the things that have made us great in the past and one of these series include the emerging interview series, "Producers Only". In this short process of covering producers, we have heard from the likes of ChasetheMoney and Yung Icey, and we continue the tradition of breaking the stories of these hitmakers with our latest interview with buzzing LA producer, RonRonTheProducer. 

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The Rundown: Lil Prada

One of the generals of this movement includes Lil Prada, a young rambunctious rapper from one of the hottest cities in the country. Collaborating with the likes of Lil Stacy and Yung Sav, PHX is brewing a younger and rebellious mix of rising artists who are breaking the rules. Prada's clever lines and upfront rapping style is at the center of it and it's only right he gets the spotlight feature in our "Rundown" interview series. 

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