The Rundown: Chris Pierre, Rapper + Skater for Marino Infantry


Written by Greg Harris 

The New Year has brought so many opportunities to Modern Life Mag and we're only one month in. The interviews continue to get better and more expansive, and speaking on the state of expansion, it's a special day for Modern Life Mag and "The Rundown". This is quite the event for this interview because it'll be the first time we've interviewed a skater on the mag and the fact he's a rapper as well just make this interview even easier for readers to relate to and really dive in the story of Chris Pierre. 

Since he was young, Chris Pierre has spent most of his life shredding and grinding the pavements of his neighborhood streets and skateparks. His strong interest in the sport catapulted him from being known around his neighborhood to become one of the brightest and freshest skaters in today's time. Being backed by the likes of ASAP Ant's Marino Infantry, Fortune Skateboards, and Bones Bearings, Pierre has a brought future in this industry along with delivering fresh flava with his songs as well. 

We recently had the chance to talk about his favorite skate tapes, what he needs in the studio, how he fell in love with skating, and more. 

Read below.

How’s Your Modern Life?

This shit is dope! I always dreamed about living in California. Now that I'm actually out here with the gang. This shit really a trip. We really just be big smoking Gas and skating every day.

What are three things you have to do in the morning when you first wake up?

Damn! Three things I do when I wake up. First, my dumbass looks for my glasses every morning, smoke a cig then roll some gas

Growing up, how was your upbringing?

 Man, I was always surrounded by some dope people, mainly skaters.

My city always showed me love and always told me to take this shit seriously. I feel like once people saw that skating was all I wanted to do, a lot more opportunities started coming my way. 

Who were some key individuals that made you change your outlook on the sport of Skateboarding?

I lived on top of a skate shop called 2nd Nature when I a kid. The owner Doug Brown knew my parents, son, for my 6th birthday he put me on my first board.

I always looked up to him like a pops. He help me get to where I am today. There's other skaters that also influenced my skating like Shane O'Neill, Forrest Edwards, and Guy Mariano 

When it comes to various skate tapes, it’s been many that have played a vital role to different skaters. Which skate tape inspired you the most and why?

My favorite skate video is Fully Flaired hands down. Guy Mariano is really that nigga! He does shit that no one thinks to try. 

Aside from what you’ve been doing on the board, you have also translated your skills to rap as well. What inspired you to start making music?

My homie Lay Coast from back home called my phone and told me he was moving out to LA for music. I always thought about making music when I was younger but I was young and scared about what other would think.

Once Lay got out here we started cooking up some music and I was surprised with how many people actually fucked with it.  

How would you describe your sound and style towards music?

Honestly, I can't say I found my sound yet, I'm still new to this music stuff but what I can say is all I wanna do is make jiggy trap music that puts everyone in a good mood.

What challenges do you face in both areas of your passion?

People looking at me differently because I started making music but doesn't make sense because I still be skating everyday. Also not knowing who to trust in your circle. Niggas be sneaky haha

What are five songs that are currently in your playlist that you have to skate to?

Free Smoke- Unotheactivist   

Narcs- Lil Baby

Read About it- Rich The Kid

Had 2- Playboi Carti

And my single Love My Hood. 

What are three things you need to have while in the studio?

First, we gotta have them woods. Some drink to loosen before we record and snacks to keep us going.

In your path, you aligned with the likes of Fortune, Guess Jeans, Marino Infantry, and Bones Bearings. How did you get in touch with these brands and how have they helped your career?

Just from years of being around the skate scene. I've met people that really enjoyed my skating enough to give me an opportunity to grow with their company. 

Being the versatile being that you are, how do you feel like you can separate yourself from other young people?

I separate myself from others because I wanna put on for the skate scene through music. I'm going to give so much back to the skate community. 

Seeing that you are making it in a way that’s paving two different lanes, what advice would you give kids to follow their dreams and do whatever they want?

To any kid out there that's confident with what they do. Use your talent to your full advantage and don't be scared to showcase your art. Don't let no one bring you down. They rather see you fold then make it.

What are three things skaters need in 2018?

You need hella gas first of all, positive energy, and just to be you. 

What are three goals you want to accomplish in music in 2018?

Shit, I still haven't had my first concert. I guess that's the first goal. My second goal is to go on tour this year. My third goal is to put my gang on! 

When it’s all said and done, how do you want to be remembered?

I just wanna be remembered as that jiggy skate Nigga! 

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