Texas artist BBY KODIE blends humor and bass, a recipe for him to prosper in 2018


Written by Greg Harris 

The landscape of Texas music is one big gumbo pot of artists who are blending together new sounds with one another and ultimately bringing something fresh to the table. You've seen with the likes of Maxo Kream, Dice Soho, Trill Sammy, and Travis Scott. One of the most popular artists who has recently paved his own path as well is Ugly God, a rapper who raps about booty and toenails, but scored a nice record deal with Asylum/Warner Brother Records and garnered a grand following within the last year due to hilarious antics. Somone who may follow in the same footsteps is a bubbling artist that goes by the name of BBY KODIE. 

Getting introduced to his sound via social media, BBY KODIE fuses the elements of comedy with a very turnt sound. One that encompasses the strong waves of bass in his music along with back to back lines about telling females they are not artsy because they listen to Playboi Carti, calling out rappers on not "kicking the cup" and having 16 imaginary cars, and essentially just being a better human by not taking drugs. The flow he delivers is quite catchy but it's the lines he's providing that's setting him apart because it shows how clever he can be in a simplified manner. 

We advise our readers to keep a close eye on him for 2018. Here is a list of songs you need to listen to him below.