The Trip to the Prairie: A Close Look on Prairie View A&M's University Creative Scene

Written by Robert Patrick Taylor

Roughly twenty miles west of Cypress down the 290 stretch sits Prairie View A&M University (PVAMU), a HBCU placed right between Waller and Hempstead County.  The university is not only a campus that produces productive people, but it's also home to some very creative and aspiring individuals. The creative culture of Prairie View is a steadily growing presence that houses a small but diverse and in-touch community where each individual adds their signature to their craft or art form. Most of the students in this little community are inspired individuals that have a creative eye in a multitude of outlets and hustles. With familiar brands and faces that are already taking steps onto rising platforms in the Houston area; these individuals are just some to set the tone for who you could see creating new waves straight out of PV.

     Noticeable Designer brands such as Godson, Amati, and Divine Threads (just to name a couple) are a few of the creative minds that have been known to make hype in the Houston area. Alongside these brands are heavily buzzed artist such as OGG signee John Ibe and Trae Mitch with a collaborative tape “Alter Egos” and young Francis Thomas with his current Tape “Nirvanic” are some of PV’s talented young Emcees making moves and helping form the new waves of sound for Houston.


Visual artists as well are on a come-up from the yard, young minds like ArtisCharles , Dre.Christopher and many others, that share a passion for photography, fashion, and anything expressive. These like-minded individuals present their love to the city by capturing some of those hottest women, most lit parties, and memorable moments in Houston’s music culture. 

   Not only do these students make waves for themselves, but at many times they collaborate with each other to set trends as a community. These strong minds know that to build something great it's good to work as a unit. At most times these artists are out making moves in Houston or creating something bigger toward their next ventures. Some of the largest waves are coming straight out of the hallways and dormrooms of PV.