Texas Tea Podcast: Chemdawg

As we continue our Texas Tea Podcast, coming off the heels of getting laced with the up and up on Drew Parker and his rising legacy creating Houston’s modern clothing outlet with Imperial Houston and The Annex, we bring in the smoking vibes of Chemdawg. Hailing from the northside of Houston and migrating to Washington DC due to academic reasons, Chemdawg has branched out the typical community of sharing his music amongst the up and coming, but he has infiltrated the cannabis market with his creative collective, Bizzie Hippie. Fusing both aspects of bringing the art form of music and cannabis together has made him in viable threat in the industry and getting co-signs from Taylor Gang member and Cookies Clothing creator, Berner.

As Chemdawg continues to rise to the top, he had a chance to stop by University of Houston to sit down and chop some game up with TTP hosts, Greg Harris and Waylon O’Day to talk about the mindset of a Bizzie Hippie, the cannabis culture, the Houston music scenery, and more. 

Watch Here.