The Rundown: Retrokash

As we gear up for the ending parts of the summer, Modern Life Mag has been introducing a new wave of artists that stretch from the Texas borders and beyond on our annual interview series, “The Rundown”. The up and coming platform has been the launching pad for many such as Trevell Hudson, Dice Soho, Paris Le Rouge, and more. 

We continue this tradition with introducing the sounds of Retrokash, a raging cajun from the land of Louisiana. The artist from “The Boot” has been making his mark in Texas with his New Orleans tang and Southern flavored tang that’s embedded in his music. He displayed on his tape, “10K”, which blended the influences and modern vibes of the 3rd Coast in ten tracks. Outside from doing that, he’s been gaining clout with releasing cutting edge visuals, killing performances locally, and captivating the gulf coast sound with his organic delivery in his music. 

We recently had to talk to Kash about his upbringing, influences in the industry, coming from the 3rd Coast, and more. 

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How’s Your Modern Life?

My modern life consist of: being with my family, working with my family Slicc on our old school muscle cars, creating and writing music, playing basketball, just normal everyday living for now.

When you are waking up these days, what are some things you want to get accomplished on a daily basis?

I always want to be productive and consistent on a daily in whatever I am doing. Main goal is the music. I am always thinking of new ways to make my musical dreams a reality.

Speaking of beginnings, you have made a huge splash in the Houston music scene as of late. Describe your early years here and how have you grown as an artist since then?

The first project I dropped was called imperial. I was excited to drop it and at the time me and my team we were so green & wet behind the ears lol...that we didn't really know how to put it out and brand it, so it didn't do what we thought. And I was so ready for everything to just fall right in place, but I found out quickly there are alot of ups and downs in this industry, and everything just doesnt fall into place.

Since then, I've released my second project 10K and I am currently getting ready to release Gold Graffiti. Working on these two projects, I have grown to find who I am as an artist and sound, plus to just stay consistent and plan.


Although you’re not from Houston, your homegrown roots of Louisiana are loud and proud to say the least. What artists from “The Boot” have inspired you the most when it comes to your style and lyrical wordplay?

Master P. was a big influence. He was self made, he did everything (music, tv, movies, clothes, sports, label). Master P & No Limit created a new sound coming from the boot, that wasn't just bounce. Also, his style influenced me as well, with rocking all the gold lol and just the real Louisiana street style.

Boosie because he was a small like me but was about respect and he meant every word he said and rapped. Plus Boosie was true to the streets and talked that talk.

Cash Money movement was also a big influence, just as I stated about Master P & No Limit, its the same sentiments.

However, Wayne he stuck out the most because he brought lyrics, bars, and style that people weren't used to hearing from artist from Louisiana.

Also Currensy, because of the muscle/old school car culture scene he brings in the music.


Being from Louisiana, what are the advantages and disadvantages when it comes to delivery your piece of art to the right people?

The advantages are the way we talk, people like that. Our style, the music, the lifestyle and the culture of Louisiana.

The disadvantages are people hear Louisiana artist and automatically, put you in a box with those who are already legendary like Wayne, Boosie, Currensy. 

I just want to let people know they are an influence to me as an artist, but I am not a clone of those artist. I have something different to offer and there are real rappers from Louisiana. You can say its a gift and curse sometimes.



Stylistically Louisiana natives have a different vernacular and approach to presentation than everybody else in the country. How would you describe the difference between Louisiana artists and creatives competed to everyone else?

Artist from Louisiana have a whole different swag. You can tell where we are from by our walk lol, its crazy. Our culture really influences our sound, style, and accent. We are trained to lead and set trends, so its in our DNA to be different. 

Everyone is going to be different because of where they grew up and what was around them, so no one can really be compared to each other unless they are from the same region/area.

Your most recent project was 10K, which opened the door many people to get familiar with your work. What was your mindset while making the project? 

I wanted to make it better then my first project Imperial. I wanted people to hear my musical growth, flow change, and passion for the music. Myself and my team really wanted to structure the project a certain way and give it a sound that was different. I think we accomplished that with 10K.


How do you think people perceived the direction of 10K and how do you think it elevated your career?

I think it was perceived well, but I don't think I had the opportunity to really showcase all the music I wanted from the project, that wasn't just about the lifestyle things I like to do like jewelry, fashion, cortez nikes, and cars. 

I really wanted to showcase all my subject matter, that really showcased my lyrical ability. However, I never got the chance to put those records out and get the visuals shot to those records, but on this upcoming project I plan to do that.

But shoutout to the 10K project because its still getting love and my supporters are still rocking hard to the 10K and Knocking singles from the project.


"Artists from Louisiana have a whole different swag. You can tell where we are from by our walk lol, its crazy. Our culture really influences our sound, style, and accent. We are trained to lead and set trends, so its in our DNA to be different. "

In this short amount of time, you have accomplished a lot. What would you say would be your favorite moments of your career in 2016?


Creating this Gold Graffiti project.I really put my all in this tape. 


Honestly, I  was almost thinking about stopping music, just cause of all the politics in the business, but because of so much support and calls from family and friends I got inspired again.


I didn't know so many people believed in me.


And shoutout to my brother DC (who is also featured on Gold Graffiti), he pushed me everyday and had me going for 6 months straight writing non-stop.


On the road to greatness, you have a lot of expectations for yourself. What are three things you want to accomplish before the year is over?

Short Term:


1. Be a household name in this music industry because I believe, I really have what it takes.
2. Go on tour

3. Make music with artist I've been influenced by.


Long Term:


1. Be able to take care of my family, with this music career


2. Open a old school car shop


3. Collab with Nike on a Cortez


How do you want to set yourself apart from the greats that came before you in your homestate?

I don't want to set myself apart from them, because they all have done big things for the city and are all legendary. I want to be just that. I want to get that same love and acclaim just like they do when they come to the city and in the music industry. But, I do want to carve my own lane with the music and lifestyle. I want to be more consistent, creative, and be that new generation of Louisiana artist that can open doors for the next generation, as long as I do it right.


How you want to be remembered when it’s all said and done?

As the underdog that made it. I want to be one of the greats in music. I want to be legendary. I want to inspire. I just want to be able to accomplish everything on my list in life and have my family live comfortably forever.

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