The Last Sign of Fresh: A Conversation with Bankroll Fresh

In the series of the many of interviews we’ve done over the years, this one has to be one of the most captivating pieces I’ve done, and it wasn’t event intended to be published on Modern Life Mag. Last summer, I pitched an idea for VIBE Magazine to get an exclusive interview with a then budding rapper, Bankroll Fresh. In the midst of him releasing two solidifying projects, Life of a HotBoy 1 and 2, VIBE gave me the green light to talk to one Atlanta’s polarizing figures in their modern music scene. 

On the day of the interview, I was attending a birthday party not too far away from my house. I was in contact with Bankroll’s manager throughout the day to figure out when they’ll make the call. During the process of watching football highlights, enjoying some cajun food and cake, I received a buzzing sound from 404 number, so I knew what time it was then. I rushed back home to speak to Bankroll and have one of the most memorable yet short conversations with a man who was about his city, his loved ones, and ultimately wanting to put on for something that was bigger than himself. 

When I heard the news that Bankroll was fatally shot outside of the recording studio where he once laid down classics that the world dances to, it just saddens me and made me wonder why someone of his caliber, influence, and charisma be gone so soon. Although his life may have been shortened due to an unfortunate series of events, his legacy remains and this is just of piece of it in this audio interview that I  want to share you with you all. - Gregory Harris 

Hope you enjoy, listen below. 

(Audio Piece from The Summer of 2015)