Modern Visionaries: Christopher Garcia of Godson talks about his brand, getting love from Dej Loaf, and attending college

As we dive in deep with more creative individuals in 2016, we have seen a trend of these bright stars being their own bosses while attending school. Playing the game in and outside the classroom just goes to show you what these visionaries have on their plates on a day-to-day basis. One visionary who's going against the grain and letting his brand reign supreme in Houston  is Christopher Garcia, the brains behind Godson Clothing. 

Godson made some huge waves not only in Space City, but they have made it to mainstream media with having stars such as Dej Loaf wear their threads. The simplicity found in this particular brand completes it's aesthetic and it needs to be more brands that should take this approach. We see brands print random things on clothes but a lot of the words that are published are filled with oblivious internet lingo or absurd quotes and sayings.  The lack of substance in some brands just opens the doors for brands such as Godson, who are going to take their clean looks to the top of the food chain in Houston. 

Read our latest conversation with Mr. Garcia about his upbringing in Houston, his personal meaning of being a "Godson", attending college, and more. 


How’s Your Modern Life?

Great, just really hectic right now because of classes I currently attend to at Prairie View A&M University, preparing for SXSW, and other fashion shows right now.


How would you describe yourself in three words?

Diverse, ambitious, & free-spirited.


Coming from Houston, what were some things that you seen coming up that inspired you to start your own brand?

I credit a huge part of my inspiration just simply from being around my family. My family is full of entrepreneurs, so the CEO way of thinking just came natural.


Your Godson brand is known for it’s sleek and signature design, which is similar to Karl Kani’s brand. Why do you believe keeping a consistent approach works in your favor with Godson?

I believe keeping a consistent approach works in my favor because my followers will always have something to look forward to. I will always be building my brands awareness to a new audience. I also know that in this day & age, people are always looking for something new; I am making sure I make the most of their short attention spans. 


What are the origins of the “Godson” name and what does it mean to you?

The name came from a conversation with my close friend & business partner, Jae aka Whyjae (indie artist from the Houston area). During the time span of three months of brainstorming for a brand name. I was asking Jae where one of our mutual friends was...he told me he was at MAGIC in Las Vegas at the time. I told him I didn't know what that was and he replied, "How do you call yourself a fly guy but don't know what MAGIC is? and I said, "Man I'm just God's son". 

He immediately told me he had just thought about naming the brand GODSON and he brought it up to our other mutual friend, Que. Once he toke me that, I told Jae, "That is it right there, that's God telling us, let's run with it!" GODSON means a lot to me, but most of all, it is an expression of me being who I am to the full potential God has set out for me. Which means taking risks & embracing my individuality.


How do you think of the Houston fashion scene at the moment and how you think Godson can help with the city’s progression?

I think Houston is really on the rise. We have a lot of creatives out here really working hard to put HOUSTON on the map in the fashion world. I love it. It really motivates me. We all have our own lane, so I'm just doing what I can do to build this brand. People always think I'm from LA because I'm out there so much, it's funny. I hope I can raise awareness for Houston creatives worldwide. 


What are some highlight moments with the Godson brand?

Dej Loaf wearing/posting my gear, being reached out to by International supporters, & having my first in-store pop-up shop with Exclusive Taste.


Being a designer, what are three things you take into consideration when making products?

My vision/image for my brand first and foremost, What is hot at the moment, & what isn't being targeted at the moment. It's all a balance.


Recently, where have your influences coming from when it comes to you designing?

Lately I've just been trying to stick to the roots of streetwear. Not trying to do anything crazy. I also just started to get into active wear. I grew up heavily influenced by athletics, so it comes natural for me to want to venture into the athletic realm.


Aside from fashion, what are some other things that interest and inspire you?

Track & Field was my passion until injuries plagued my career during my senior year in high school. I participated and earned a Junior Olympic silver medal when I was 14. I love motocross & drag racing as well. I started riding dirt bikes at the age of 5 & I enjoyed being apart of a drag racing team when I was 16. 


What are three things that you been listening to at the moment?

The Life of Pablo, Playboi Carti, & Lil Uzi Vert.


How do you plan to evolve not only as a designer but as a person in 2016?

I plan to continue to push myself in every area but more importantly stay focused on what God has for me. I know things will fall in place just as they should. I'm enjoying my growth as a person and I'm learning to embrace the process of life more and more.


What are three things you want to accomplish in 2016?

I want to have read 3 entrepreneurial books (outside of school of course), get my brand in at least 5 stores, & get another mechanical engineering summer internship.

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