The Rundown : How Roy Dale Is Aiming To Pave His Own Lane in Texas

Roy Dale is a unique artist who's popped up on a radar not too long ago, Dale presents a very sleek style that embodies the 3rd Coast but at the same presents a new sense of modernism that's complete in his sound. The Texas landscape for new music is becoming more versatile, and you have to include Dale in that batch of artists who are emerging. The very mellow flow he showcases in records like "Texas Forever" and "LSPD" featuring Curren$y solidifies him as a cool artist that's all about keeping things as southern as possible but willing to do it in his own way. 

Coming fresh off of his recent project, "All in a Day", which features Dizzy Wright, Curren$y, and Sir Michael Rocks, Dale is carving his way into becoming someone to keep a close eye this year and we recently had a chance to talk to the rising star. The Conroe representer had a chance to speak to us about Casio Gang, his sound, being a Dallas Cowboys fan, and more. 

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Who's Roy Dale?

I'm Roy Dale From Conroe Texas. And I make music for me and you.

How's Your Modern Life?

My modern life is pretty hectic at this point on my career. 

What's the difference between you and the large number of people who are creating music?

My sound has the be what sets me apart from everyone. It's easy to get put in the same box, being from the south. 

What's your creative process like? 

My creating process starts with a lot of weed and a deadline. the lyrics on my last project, all in a day, we're all written within 24 hours of recording. hence the name. I find comfort in the pressure.

Who play a major role when it comes to your influences? 

My influences are from everywhere. Everybody from 36 mafia to slipknot. Just not country haha.

What's the meaning behind Casio Gang and who's all in this creative collective?

CASIO GANG AKA FRANKS RED HOT PUT THAT SHIT ON EVERYTHING. Casio Gang includes my two managers Carlos & Ander, my go to guys Dustin and Jake and my engineer Jason. 

What's the inspiration behind your music video, "Texas Forever" ? 

Honestly, I'm just a young Texas nigga born and raised. I knew people would rock with the message because of how territorial the South can be. I was super high listening to "SouthSide" by Lil KeKe & thought "I could do this."

In the video, we see you sported a Dallas Cowboys jacket. Are a Cowboys fan?

I'm actually a Texans fan. I lost a bet to my pops "Dallas fan" & yeah.

How do you feel about the Houston music scene at the moment? How do you feel like you can change or contribute to it?

Not knocking the artist but the scene is just in a weird limbo. it's sounding the same and the bubble Houston is in has only gotten thicker. I'm here to pop it. Show people there's actual lyricist in the south besides Andre and Krit. There's talented kids down here dying to be heard. I'm trying to bridge that gap.

What are some things we can look forward to seeing from Roy Dale and Casio Gang?

We got some cool ass visuals, HUGE sxsw appearances, and a new project by January. Casio Gang 2016. You heard it here first.

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