Lone Star on The Rise : WhyJae Will Be Houston’s Next King

In a land where royalty reigns supreme, new stars are starting to emerge and the heirachy may need some realignment due to these newcomers. The new generation of Houston artists are becoming more and more versatile, setting themselves apart from their different personalities, and it's heavy amount of star-like potential. Amongst those who are the best, who will be the "King" of this new generation?

With every movement, there is one individual who's stands out the most and sets the scene when it comes to representation of the movement. It's a lot of guys such as the Sauce Twinz, BeatKing, Trill Sammy and Dice Soho, and more that are holding their own when it comes to them being considered heavyweights in the city, but we believe the man that will solidify his throne and get his crown this year will be WhyJae. 

WhyJae has positioned himself to be the artist with the most potential who can make a splash into bigger markets with his unique sound that bounces from the mini-trap instrumentals produced by K Swisha to the alternative sampled grooves of Flume. The different sonics combined with his openly honest flow reminds me of the earlier stages of Kendrick Lamar's career. Just like Kendrick, you start seeing an artist who has a vast palette of music and being able to present it in it's highest form possible. 

Much like Lamar during his come up in Los Angeles, WhyJae is not the first person you will think of when it comes to speaking of being the "Chosen One" in the city but his upcoming project, "30 Minutes Late F*ck The Internet" will have the potential to change just like Lamar did with his project, "Section .80". The tables have turned for the best already WhyJae with releasing his debut project, "Timeless" and selling out the famous Houston venue, "Warehouse Live" with his own headline show. Time will only will tell the progression will continue to get better with WhyJae's career, but the question is that is will this Lone Star be ready when it's time to put on his crown? 

The stars are aligned for this Texan and it will only take a leap of faith to get to his throne, but that leap will start with his next project, "30 Minutes Later Fuck The Internet". 

It’s been a over year since you released your project, “Timeless”. One project that has opened the doors to world of WhyJae and who you fully represent. How would you say you’ve grown since the release of that project?

I've grown to realize things don't happen when you want them to. I thought I would honestly be further than I am right now after dropping that project, but it really molded me to be stronger and never expect anything, just work hard and take things day by day.

The emphasis of hardship was placed in your raps when you first came out, do you feel as if it’s still a come up for your career or do you feel somewhat established in the city?

Nah, I'm definitely not established in the city, but I'm definitely on the come up.

You’re a versatile artist who presents a strong message and that differs from a lot of artists in the city who are favoring to more turnt sounds. How important do you think it is to convey a message with your music when spectators have favored a certain sound?

Man honestly I never set out to be a artist that had a message, I just talk about what I go through, what I feel needs to be said, and how I'm feeling. At the same time speaking on situations my friends and family are going through but can't turn their words in to lyrics the way that i can. My new project is "turnt" just as "Get Dough" is turnt of Timeless but has a what would be called "positive" message to it just like "Get Dough" did. I look at making project the same way I hear kanye does. You don't wanna make the same thing twice. I sure don't.

Speaking on your versatility, a change in the instrumentals you’ve been using where you sample Flume and Sango. The alternative approach blends well with your delivery in your lyrics. What are some of your favorite songs/bands that you listen to?

Man alternive music is the love of my life. I listen to A LOT of alternative music. Let me give you a short list lol.

Flume, Sango, Disclosure, Blood Orange, What So Not, Hippie Sabotage, Alesso, etc. ASTR is in my top 3 and many more man I could talk about this on its own separate interview lol.

"Man honestly I never set out to be a artist that had a message, I just talk about what I go through, what I feel needs to be said, and how I'm feeling."

Your new project, “30 Minutes Left F*ck The Internet” is releasing in early February, what’s the mindset behind the name?

With this generation you know we're impatient, and want new music, new trends, new fashion ideas, something new, what it seems like every 30mins. Our attention spans is so short. Everyday it's something new, another new poppin artist, another new clothing brand, another new something. Well the music that I'm working on shows all that with my diversity of a conscious, trap, and house music sound that I'll be presenting. 

The "Fuck The Internet" comes from the fact that as much as the Internet has helped us, it's messes us up that much times two with social media. Everything that comes with the Internet and mostly because the Internet is the reason our attention span is the way it is because at any moment you can get on the Internet and get what you what when you want at the snap of a finger. Long story short ima give them what they want while still doing things the way i like to do it.

From a musical standpoint, what direction are you trying to take with this project that you have to see yet from anyone else?

I make music based on how I feel at the moment. Lately, I've been someone happier than I was when timeless dropped but still have my dark moments.  think thats exactly people will get from this.

Sonically, what sounds do you want your listeners to take away from this project?

I want them to have fun with this project. last project, I made them see the struggle because thats what I was going through at that time. I was broke, homeless, and all I had was my faith so thats what I gave them. Lately, I've been living a slight bit better, I'm in a somewhat happier  but still in a dark place, so they will get the fun but dark at the same time. 

You make it known that you’re human like everyone else but it was apparent in “Warm Thoughts”, where bounced on being homeless at 22 to speaking on your inner demons to speaking to God if you were to see him. What influenced to make such a heartfelt and honest record?

Honestly I had just got off tour and my mind was just running like crazy all over the place as it usually does. I heard the beat and thats what it told me to write. beats speak to me. I'm very picky with my beats, simply because of that. I just write whatever the beat tells me too. 

You mentioned in various interviews you’ve received the cosign from Dreamchasers right before Meek Mill went to jail and led to you guys not signing with them. In hindsight, do you feel like that was the best outcome in your situation?

I was raised to believe everything happens for a reason. who knows where I would have been if things did go the other way. but at the end of the day it is what it is, EVERYTHING happens for a reason. I'm sure God will eventually expose to me why that wasn't the way he planned for me to go.

Having an organic sound as you do, what are some challenges you want to overcome this year?

My biggest challenge has always been me believing in myself. I want to lose some of my insecurities and believe in myself more. Not even just with my music, just everything period.

"Every year, I try to work hard as if this was my last year to prove to myself that I should be doing this. So for all I know, this could be my last year doing this, or it could just be the start to something big."

What are some long term goals that you feel like you can obtain this year?

Getting noticed by certain platforms I've always looked up too, and going back on tour.

Why do you feel as if you were chosen to do this for a living?

Honest I'm still young, I still don't know if this is the life I'm suppose to be living, this is just another chapter in my book of life if you ask me. Every year, I try to work hard as if this was my last year to prove to myself that I should be doing this. So for all I know, this could be my last year doing this, or it could just be the start to something big.

Only God knows. all I know is I want a wife and kids when the time is right. I want to watch my kids grow up and have a normal childhood, I don't want to rap forever. I have a set age I want to tap out at, so hopefully plans go as I have them in my head. 

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