Modern Visionaries: Khari Bernard

All photos taken by Vivid Intro 

All photos taken by Vivid Intro 

The fast moving world of fashion continues to pick up more designers by the day but at the same time it's only a few that change the perspective of the city with their products. Houston has become the homestead for individuals to express themselves and show Space City that they have more to offer than the stereotypes that's associated with codeine and slowed down music. 

One individual who's doing that in particular is Khari Bernard. The Hawaii by the way of Houston native has crafted products that shows off complexity and value. The moral mission of his clothing to keep his customers in pieces that will last for a long time. Mr. Bernard has already the stamp of approval from other vibrant designers in the city such as Oaks of Oaks Clothing, Cash Macintosh, Tacharra of Char and more. So it's apparent that Bernard is someone you need to keep on close watch during the rest of this year. 

So we at MLM had a chance to speak to Bernard about his thoughts on being a designer, his upcoming, his favorite Future songs, and more.

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How’s Your Modern Life?

Pretty good, I'm happy that I'm progressing. 


How would you describe yourself in three words?



What inspired you to start designing?

I always had a thing for style and dressing. I fell in a deep depression my freshmen year of college and designing is what pulled me out of it. It was love after that, I knew what I wanted to do in my life. 


You’re originally from Hawaii, so how would you say your lifestyle inspired you with your clothes?


My mother is from Hawaii, she moved me and my brother there when we were small. I grew up around the Hawaiian culture. I can def say that it inspires my aesthetic and style. 


Living Houston you’re exposed to a lot as well, so what ways has the city inspired you as well?

I was born in Houston and have been around most of my life. Houston is a big part of my inspiration, the people, the culture, the streets, the young, man everything in the city inspires me and pushes me to create. 


"To me a designer is someone who is creating the whole vibe, the aesthetics, the look to the brand, it's the person that has control over the creativity of the brand."








What do you think it takes to set yourself from other designers?

I think it takes overall hard work, building a full brand, having a quality product, vision to see everything through,a great style and image and striving for longevity and not temporary success.

What is your favorite piece you’ve done?

My favorite piece that I've done is prolly the full velvet joggers, shirt and hoodie or it'll be the Jesus piece shirts that has the v-cut around the neck. 

Who are some individuals you look up to in your profession?

 Pharrell Williams, Raf Simmons, Yves Saint Laurent, Ralph Lauren, Kanye West, Virgil Abloh, ASAP rocky.

It’s a difference between a designer and someone who makes clothes, what do you think makes the differences?

To me a designer is someone who is creating the whole vibe, the aesthetics, the look to the brand, it's the person that has control over the creativity of the brand. Someone that makes clothes is a person that knows how to sew, make patterns, make tailoring cuts. Most of the time this person who just makes clothing never creates a full brand. 

They jus make custom clothes by order but never really have a vision of a collection or full brand. But I believe if a designer can make clothes and infuse both talents together, than your a couple steps ahead when it comes to understanding the clothing, and I think will have a better perspective when designing. 

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What are some of your upcoming projects for this year?

I'm dropping some basic cotton tshirts & hats, for my fans soon. Working on releasing full fall collection for Khari Bernard which will consist of a bunch of little project like photo shoots, short films, presentations and fashion shows and just branding and building upon what we've done so far.

What are your three pet peeves?

- Idleness 

- Wasting time 

- Wasting money


What are your three favorite Future songs?

- "Never gon lose" 

- "March Madness" 

- "Colossal" 


What are three things you like to do during your downtime?

Smoke weed, shop, have fun. 


What are three things you want to accomplish this year?

- Go on tour

- Release a Full Fall collection 

- Get recognized for upcoming talent to watch out for in 2016. 


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