The Rundown: ThouxanbandFauni

It must be tiring to hear the large influx of Atlanta artists that happen out of nowhere everyday. The continuos growing crop of rappers in ATL can make it easy for some of these artists to get left under the rug but ThouxanbandFauni has avoided being left behind. 

The Atlantastan representer develops a ruthless sound that's served with raw youthful energy. The young and driven rapper has garnered the attention of 40 Oz VAN, Spaceghostpurrp, and more. His hard and infectious sound is just one of the reasons why we at MLM made it apparent that it was must to have him on the site. 

So we had a chance to catch up with Fauni and talked to him about Atlanta, the industry, the south and more. 

How’s Your Modern Life?

Might not make it. 

How would you describe yourself in three words? 

DAT Yung Nigga 

Your music is delivered with an vintage Atlanta trap inspired sound but it’s presented with a new edge. How would you describe your sound as a whole?

Yesterdays tomorrow, the past's future. I make shit for real niggas ya know. I been through some SHIT man. So really niggas who know the struggle, and the finesse gone fuck with me. 

Atlanta being your hometown, you see artists firsthand before they are loved by the rest of the nation. How would you describe the positive and negative aspects of being a part of the Atlanta music scene? 

You can really lose yourself in this music shit, especially as a young nigga coming in the game. I seen so many people come up right before my eyes and you see what folks true intentions are when they enter your life. No one really gives a shit about any one, they act like they do but its amazing how people come out the water works when the tables turn. 

Aside from the most popular artists that are coming out of the city, you have the likes of Playboi Carti, Pollari, Nessly 24K, and more that are making an uproar. How do you try to separate yourself apart from the rest? 

I just do me honestly. I don't care what other niggas on. I know what I'm on. 

You’re definitely inspired by southern artists and it’s evident in your music. So who were some prominent 3rd Coast artists that molded your style and why? 

It's so many artists I listen to. From Trick Daddy, Pimp C, Gucci Mane, Soulja Boy, Young Scooter, Weezy, Master P, Silk the Shocker, Soulja Slim, C Murder, Max C, BMTH, SK, the list go on for days. Lately, I just be bumpin all my niggas shit and my shit cause its at the point where im finally comfortable wit my sound that I just be playing me. Shit go in, but I'm influenced by the realness of what artists say rather than lyrics. Lyricism is cool too but speaking relateable shit is just always a win for me. When I'm on some other shit, I listen to that other other shit, I guess you can hear it through my music. 

You recently released your project, “Heavier” which is something even more advanced than your project, “Heavy.” So how would you describe the difference between two with their sounds? 

Heavy and Heavier are just chapters of how my life been the past few years in no certain order. Just some Soundcloud shit I ain't think niggas would fw it that heavy. It's all g tho. 

What are three things you need on a daily basis?

Water, money sent to my PayPal, and aggyaby

What are three misconceptions that people have about Atlanta? 

Everything you hear about Atlanta is pretty much true. 

What are three things you need while recording? 

Water, A/C, and probably more Backwoods

What are three things you have planned for 2015?

- Living better

- Being wealthier/healthier 

- Fuckin up this music industry shit, cause fuck deez niggas 

What are three things you want to accomplish in 2015?

- Make kylie jenner my side bitch

- Increase my networth a couple bricks

- Move out of America 

Listen his latest project, "For Christ Sake" here.

Listen to his music here and follow him here.