Modern Visionaries : FromWill

Everyone is looking for quick rise to fame or instant gratification in this day of social media. You have individuals who make garments that have little to no meaning, but then you have a certain percentage who doesn't do so and go against grain despite being popular. One of these individuals is FromWill. 

Hailing from Chicago but now residing in Los Angeles, FromWill has released two pieces with their Future inspired "3 Peat" shirt and Free Gucci Mane hat. These two has turned him into an overnight success with admirations of staying relevant in this game. We recently had a chance to speak to him about his inspirations behind his threads, why he thinks 40 Oz Van is a great tastemaker, why he didn't need school to be successful and more. 

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How’s Your Modern Life?

It's hectic, Different, & uncomfortable, I'm at the couch to couch status in LA, but it's a uncomfortable place I like. It pushes me everyday to wake up extremely early & go get it. So I've become comfortable with the uncomfortable. 

How Would You Describe Yourself in Three Words?

Eclectic, diverse, & ambitious

Being an individual who makes selective garments, how do you try to separate yourself from people who have brands compared to the way you deliver your clothes?

I try to just stay to what I want to do, everyone has an opinion on what your going to do. I just like to trust my design & my vision. It has gotten me this far, so I like to just stick to my thoughts & ideas. 

What’s your take on people thinking your pieces are just for a fad or following a trend? 

They can think that, I feel like both were relevant topics yes, but they are timeless pieces. Things you can look back on & say remember when... Future did a 3 peat, or when Will dropped his Free Gucci hats.

It's more than just an item of clothing to me, I feel it's like a collectors item.


Aside from the “3 Peat” design you made for Future and the ‘Free Gucci” hat you made, Your concepts are quite abstract and thought provoking. What are some things that energize the way you think? 

I'm a weed smoker, being in LA. So I just overthink everything, I didn't even really touch the surface of the visuals & photoshoots, because of both drops being very rushed. But, I just think of things that I would wear mixed with a pop culture item that people can relate to. I'm trying to build a following, money, resources to soon hop into the cut & sew lane. That's my goal. 

Being from Chicago and moving out to Los Angeles is a huge transition. What are some experiences that help you grow as a person in Los Angeles?

The homeless situation has helped me grow & mature for sure. For some it would have been so easy to give up, but I stuck it out & it payed off. Those nights are tough, & definitely will get you down. You just gotta think you are here for something way bigger than your situation.

What some things you miss about Chicago? 

I miss the weather as dumb as that sounds lol, but I miss the layering, the "hoodie" season, just the fashion. It's so hot in LA I can't wear anything. & i just miss family & friends. You know time is passing you by while your out here so focused its scares me. 

I also seen you’re a student at the Fashion Institute as well. How has your experience in the classroom enhanced the way you design your threads now? 

I am no longer a student, but it gave me a different perspective, it allowed me to think business first then create second. The right plan to be a money maker & to also make a dope item. It helped a lot, but I knew i didn't need school to grow. 

Being a fashion enthusiast, you see a lot of concepts come and go but those who stick to their mission statement live on to be successful and have longevity. What are some steps you’re going to take to have relevancy ten years from now? 

I'm not looking that far, I've come to just look at the present & take advantage of the present. People always want to look for the future when there present isn't where they want it to be. I just want to focus on now, and make the best of it I can.

On your social feeds, you always boost the people who’s in your playlist. Who are your favorite artists at the moment and why? 

A group called ME, Jermaine Campbell, PND, Drake, Lucki Eck$, Playboicarti, etc. it varies. All about the vibe I'm looking for.

In what ways do you think 40 Oz Van is one of the most influential individuals of this generation? 

Man, he's smart, he has the vision, & has the eye & ear. Some people just get it, I feel I'm one of them, & I feel that's why I get why he is so influential. He's just in the know of the streets. People respect his opinion. It's one of those things where if you see or hear something you just know if it's good or if it will pop. He has that.

What are three of your favorite films?

Paid n Full, Training Day, and John Q. 

Give me three reasons why Backwoods are your weapon of choice for roll up?

I just love the taste, the look, & the feeling of it. You just feel different when you smoke a back wood. Makes you feel bossed up. A lot of weed though.. 

Give three reasons why From Will can be a game changer for 2016?

I'm not going to stop, I'm only going to get better, & I'm focused. I don't do anything but work, my situation only allows me to work harder. I get any success it just makes me want more.  2016 will be a crazy one, a lot of great things to look out for! 

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