The Rundown : G.U.N.

Post Malone has opened the golden gates for the Dallas music scene to prosper on a national scale. The Triple D now have the world at their doorstep and one artist by the name of G.U.N. is making huge waves in the city. He caught our attention with his profound presence in front of Dallas packed out "Summer Fest", which featured the likes of Travis Scott, Fredo Santana, Playboi Carti. 

Since then, G.U.N. has been on the rise in the Dallas music scene and beyond. He has released an EP with Dallas producer, FranchiseDidIt and linked with the likes of Rizzoo Rizzoo, Joey Fatts, J Stash and more. His rambunctious sound has drawn the eyes and ears of many and we are saying it will be more people paying attention to him at the rate that he's going now. 

So we had a chance to speak to G.U.N. to speak to him about his upbringing in Memphis/Dallas, what inspires his music, what he likes about the Dallas music scene and more. 

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How’s Your Modern Life? 

My modern day life is very adventurous

How Would You Describe Yourself in Three Words?

Very very focused 

Your energy is indescribable and it’s one of the main components that’s found in your music. Why is this a vital component while making your music?

I love high vibes at shows so intend to make a lot of rage music but definitely have a melody side to me I'll show off very soon 

You’re from Memphis by the way of Dallas. How did your upbringing in both areas affect the way you deliver your music?

Well Memphis was more of a growing up young state specially where my family from and Dallas really brought my dancing side out of me.

You’re becoming one of Dallas’ most vital pieces in the emerging music scene there. How do you view the rising Dallas underground and where do you see it going to in the near future?

The Dallas underground scene is growing rapidly and it's beautiful one thing we lack on majorly is artist understanding the business side we would be a lot farther if more artist understood that and traveled more I'm always traveling so it's easy to network nationally.


Who are some of your favorite Dallas artists that are coming out at the moment?

Fav Dallas artist at moment my brother Post Malone my Brother Devy Stonez my brother Fat boogie , and this girl artist named "k"

Who are some artists from Memphis who has influenced your sound?

Honestly only Juicy J & Young Dolph. 

You recently made a project with FrachiseDidIt, how was it like making a project with him? 

Man working with franchise was amazing mans talented and he the best producer in Dallas 

Ultimately you’re trying to put yourself in position where you can drop a full length project and songs such as "Johnny Cage" and "Undi Lay” are helping you get there. What other steps are you taking to reach that level of making it a need for you to drop that project?

Really I'm letting the fans tell me when they want a full project until then I'm just doing me having fun loving the fact people loving my story. 

What are three things you carry on a daily basis?

Carry my .40 , my charger , and my hover board lol. 

What are three things you need in your studio sessions?

Producers , liquor , and my .40. 

What are three things you love about Dallas?

Downtown ,The Love I receive , the Gun laws. 

What are three things you want to accomplish by the end of this year? 

 6 visuals. 

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