Modern Visionaries : Easie Cam

 Houston is filled with a lot of young visionaries and it's time to break another one from Space City. We introduce to the sharp mind of Easie Cam, an emerging fashion designer who's only 16. He's the mind behind Seven Clothing, who shows it's simplistic due to their primitive stage designing but it's potential in their brand because of their leader.

Easie Cam is a young ambitious individual who's determined to set the city on fire with his mindset. Read our interview with the young mind who has the potential of changing what Houston has to offer. 

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How’s Your Modern Life? 

My modern life is very complicated, coming from a rough neighborhood where the high end fashion isn't really appreciated. It's a big risk walking down the street in skin tight waxed-cotton balmain biker jeans when you're around the "thuggish" environment. And being wanted by women with numerous followers that I know would have curbed me if I wasn't me . I then learned to express myself through my clothing and also that you make the clothes , they don't make you. I have the vision of making fashion a total contradiction , step out of your comfort zone and see what you may like.

How Would You Describe Yourself in Three Words?

In 3 words I would have to say I'm " Pretty , Ahead & Easie "

We know that you’re one of the younger designers in the city, so has your age help with you connect with consumers?

 Yes, it really has because I know the life of a " regular teen " and how it can be difficult in all aspects , after all I'm only 16. 

Another designer who’s around your age is Oaks, who’s the man behind the Oaks Clothing brand. Being as you guys are, what do you learn from each other from a designer’s standpoint?

Oaks has taught me a lot , when I first met Oaks he was like my role model from afar. I think me and Oaks have grown so close because of our drive to conquer this fashion industry and I think I reminded Oaks what it was like to be a teenager again. Being that he's only 17, he's way ahead of his time . He respects my vision and I respect his input and that is what got us here and what's getting us to the top. 

The internet is a primary resource for not only your brand’s delivery but to the way that people view it’s aesthetic. How do you try to use it in a way to differentiate from other brands?

I honestly let my truths speak for my brand. I can't hold anything away from my supporters I have to keep it pure because they believe in me and that's a blessing. Without my support system (the youth) there would be no EASIE. That being said I'm just as grateful for all these people to love me so much that they want to look good in my wear just to exhibit their love for me. 

Speaking of the internet, the youth are exposed to so much on social media that it trashes the way the morals of the ones coming up. How do you try to filter what’s good and what’s not from the internet? 

I try to distinguish myself by staying pure and constantly preaching the fact that being pure is the best route to take. Because when your phone breaks, you can't lie to anyone but yourself. 

The art of fashion deals with the perception of how one looks at it and that’s when Lookbooks come into play. So how much thought you put into the way you portray your clothing behind the lens?

I want everyone that looks at my line to be immediately drawn because my brand is an brand of expectance and perseverance. 

Your Twitter is filled with a lot of random thoughts, but you emphasize your deep knowledge for fashion and love to be insightful to your followers. Why do you think you should continue to express constant wisdom in 140 characters? 

I always want my followers to know that I'm always watching because in all reality. You may find better art under the bridge than you do in the downtown gallery's. So it's not about who you are, it's about how you do it. 

How do want to express the same wisdom in the delivery of your clothes?

 I love to get top prospects from all across the board to exhibit my brand , athletes , models, even the valedictorian of my class. Anyone striving for the best should be in my clothing & my clothes should make people want better for themselves. I want the youth to know that I UNDERSTAND. 

What are three things you want to be achieve by the time you’re 18?

By 18, I plan on being one of the most known faces in the U.S. As far as fashion ranging from modeling to designing. 

What are three things you want to do 5 years from now? 

 I've always wanted to buy my mom a better house , but only for her because those things don't phase me. I've also always wanted to bring up a group of kids underneath me and watch them grow in this fashion industry. Lastly, I want to have Wiz Khalifa and YG roll one in my clothing then life would be fairly complete. 

What kind of person you aspire to by the end of this year?

 I aspire to be the same person honestly. I'm pure and I can only help others at this stage in my life, that's the only way I'll get better.

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