South Houston act, 9KTay delivers a hard hitting and impressive body of work with "Highway 2 Hell"

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 12.00.41 AM.png

Written by Greg Harris

It’s a lot of eyes on Houston when it comes to different levels of talent, but it’s a strong emerging underground circuit in the city that’s establishing a new footing for talent to take place. One of the new stars in the mix of artists that’s coming out today is South Houston’s own 9KTay. Landing on the pages of MLM in the past with his work in the past, he continues to bleed out more fire records on his new EP, “Highway 2 Hell”. The new short body of work is only 3 tracks but it shows what him and the guys at Run-n-Gun are doing when it comes to curation of sound. It’s something sharp, short, and concise and we highly recommend you guys to lend an ear on this one.

Check out the new project below.