Splurge and Director, LONEWOLF finally deliver their anticipated visual, "Racks"

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 3.55.06 PM.png

Written by Greg Harris

All throughout 2018, the Dallas area made a lasting impact on what direction that hip-hop may turn for the next couple of years given their strong influences on new dances like "#TheWoah and the mass of bubbling stars that’s coming out of the area. When it comes to the new heavyweights that’s going to be setting a new standard this year, Splurge ranks one of the best given his direct delivery and clever wordplay.

In the midst of dropping singles and projects at a consistent rate, he links with notable director, LONEWOLF on the re-playable jam, “Racks". It shows Splurge casually counting cash and dancing while murdering the instrumental with off the wall lines in under 3 minutes. It’s visually appealing and it can certainly be one of your new favorites in your playlist.

Check out the new video below.