Manehoe rises to be one of Baton Rouge's brightest stars with "Gettin' It In"

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Written by Greg Harris

One of the best-kept secrets in Louisiana that the nation hasn't gotten hip to right away is Manehoe. Easily one of "The Boot's" most talented acts that's rising in the area, Manehoe adds more pressure to the pipes with his new visual, "Gettin It In". Known for his song-structuring and his Cajun flair he adds to his hooks, he implements that to another level with this street testimony in this Delvalle-directed video. This is instantly one of my favorite records he has released this year because the truth found in the lyrics and how his delivery in this record is going to set himself apart from the other rising acts in LA. It's only a matter of time until the rest of the nation gets hip to his sound and how he's easily one of the sickest down south. 

Watch the video here.