Underground living legend, Duwap Kaine drops his well-anticipated project, "Underdog"


Written by Greg Harris

Coming out of the depths of Savannah, GA, Duwap Kaine is easily one of the most influential artists to come out of that area. Over the course of his career, he's been able to take huge leaps with his co-signs from Lil Yachty and No Jumper, but ultimately having the ability to create his own lane in an emerging wave of artists who were popping on Soundcloud. Different from his previous works, "Forever Kaine" and "Friends Till The End", Kaine bosses up and enhances his sound even more on his well-overdue project, "Underdog". 

The 13-song album presents an aware version of Duwap who has seen things and been around the game long enough to make his own opinions on how + how not to move. Doing it in the case of delivering witty/sometimes laughable lines, puts Kaine in a different class of artists in today's time and explains why his fans would demanding this project. 

Listen to it below.