The Prince of Maryland, Lil Xelly drops another heater with his new project, #YesXrr #YesXrr

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Written by Greg Harris

Showing no signs of slowing down with his music, Lil Xelly has too much ammunition for his fans. On a continuous stream of putting out dope material, Lil Xelly drops another banger with his new project, #YesXrr #YesXrr. If you've been familiar with his previous bodies of work, its carries the same hype-filled energy he's known for but the sonics are different with production from the likes of SpazzAR, SPARKHEEM, and MErKEEMMOODY. The diversity in sound continues to show off Xelly's versatility and how vital he is to the indie hip-hop scene right now. 

Listen to the project below.