Albany's rising star, Lil Baby Suplex releases the mesmerizing visual for "Pop Star"

Lil Baby Suplex GIF .gif

Written by Greg Harris 

In the past couple of weeks, Lil Baby Suplex has been on a tear with releasing fire content. Coming off the successful releases of "Tap In" and "Fill Me Up", Suplex backdoors and delivers a very refreshing visual for his single, "Pop Star". The self-proclaimed "King of Pop" gets fully in his bag with the radio-friendly hit and presents in a fashion where he's as brash as your favorite rock star but also too suave to be running around dusty, hence his pedicure appointment in the video. This is only the beginning of the continuous of what Suplex has to offer in 2018, but it's surely one hell of a start to push out more content.

Watch the video here.