Long Island finds a star with MulaManDam and his new exciting project, "Green Eggs & Dam"

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Written by Greg Harris 

The New York City scene has always been a scene that has given artists and creatives a platform to release their material and craft their image along the way. In the midst of many creative acts getting their thing together in "The City That Never Sleeps", a talented artist on the outskirts of New York, MulaManDam has been establishing his footing in the big city and beyond on its borders as well. From having a sold-out show in his hometown in Long Island to crowd surfing in the "Pass The Aux" shows at VFILES, MulaManDam has created a solid foundation for his modern melodic sound and artistic driven image. His infinite drip continues to spill in his latest project, "Green Eggs and Dam", a masterpiece that's fully produced by Lord Casso. The twelve tracks on this body of work include no features and allow the thoroughness that Dam provides to fully entice the listener to indulge in the fulness of Dam's sound. It's something that you don't want to miss and something you should include in your personal playlist as well. 

Listen here.