Jade Delvalle breaks out in full form on her project, "The Words Unspoken"

Jade Delvalle Tape.jpg

Written by Greg Harris 

The Lousiana has been breaking into its own with talented individuals who are making a way for themselves, and to be completely honest a lot of these individuals have to pay respect to the drive and determination that Delvalle Studios has delivered over the past couple of years. The growing video channel has brought out a lot of artists to get exposed to the right platforms, but the boss lady behind it, Jade Delvalle has also used it as a way to present of her hits as well. She continues to apply pressure with these avenues of putting out her material and now she's presenting her project, "The Words Unspoken". The melodic ride takes the Lousiana artist to new heights as she expresses her trials and tribulations but also pinpointing a certain sound that sets herself apart from the growing crop of artists who are coming up in the Bayou State. It's certainly a body of work that is entertaining to listen to but also it's another look at what she's able to offer with her artistry. 

Listen Here.