Shawn Scrilla and Baxkwood Bloody score a new slimed out hit with "Willie Mays"

Shawn Scrilla GIF .gif

Written by Greg Harris 

As some people are just getting in tune with the growing crop of South Carolina artists who are making a new wave for the south, one of the prime artists from that region that's making a lane for himself is Shawn Scrilla. After capturing some heat with his single, "Allat Cap", he continues to make a way for his new direct sound with the instant hit, "Willie Mays". The Savani directed visual features Scrilla and Baxkwood Bloody making plays in the trap and beating the pot precisely with their water-whipping hand. "The Slimese Twins" hit record is one of many that people need to get hip to right away before it's a full bandwagon into the rest of 2018. 

Watch it here.