Rocky Banks prospers with positivity, flexibility, and true artistry on "Big Little Brother"

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Written by Greg Harris 

MLM Review // 4.4 Out of 5 Stars

The hierarchy of Houston rap is given to the ones who set the tone nationwide with hits like "Still Tippin" and "Sittin Sideways", but those days have long passed and the infrastructure of what Houston music has become is completely different than what the Swisha House built over ten years ago. Seeing the likes of Maxo Kream, Trill Sammy, Dice Soho, Rizzoo Rizzoo, and many more take paths of receiving national recognition and signing deals, it's some artists who are on the verge who just haven't received the given credit that they need to go over the threshold. If it's been anyone who has been consistent in their craft and knows their worth of reaching the top is Mo City's own, Rocky Banks. 

Following the release of his last project, "Trust In Banko", Rocky Banks continues to climb up the ladder with material that exuberates versatility along with taking a melodic ride throughout the project that takes a trail of different flavors of sound. You can hear it in the hook-ridden single, "Unimpressed" to the dark but emotional driven storytelling song, "Other Side" to the creative structure of "Late Night Text" to the N.E.R.D. rockstar-inspired anthem, "Old Me".

The different variations of the records have certainly put him on a different pace of artists who are based in Houston, but it's also giving insight on the creative ability and perfection of time that Banks has put in order to craft a project that provokes so much meaning. Although it doesn't necessarily have a direct timeline of records that follow from A to Z, it's a strong foundation that Banks gives insight on that includes the imbalance of family structure in his home, letting go of hard drugs but sticking to the calm nature of marijuana to calm his mind, being an example for kids listening to his music, and more. It's a precise project that provides much vision, the only lack in the project is that some records are better than others and that only comes from the preference from the listener. Besides that, this is one album that is far from many flaws and gives listeners a journey that they can enjoy. 

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