Sherwood Marty aims to make it big in "Ima Grind"

Sherwood Marty GIF .gif

Written by Greg Harris 

When it comes to artists who have gained a large following in the Louisana area, Sherwood Marty is certainly one artist who has just that. Since the ascension of NBA Youngboy, Baton Rouge has been searching for its next star to make its big splash onto the music scene and Marty continues to impress with his infectious visuals, a smooth manner of delivery, and descriptive storytelling. He furthers the trend even more on his single, "Ima Grind", an audio testament directed by Delvalle Studios' own Jade DelValle. It's another single showing how much promise that Marty has in 2018 and its best that we pay attention now before the bandwagon gets full.

Also watch his video for "Ride" below