Go Yayo links with Sauce Walka and Rizzoo Rizzoo to create Texas Anthem, "Rap What I Live"

Rap What I Live GIF.gif

Written by Greg Harris 

Given their reputations prior to this collaboration, when Texans seen that Fort Worth's rising star Go Yayo was connecting forces with two of Houston's most promising artists, Sauce Walka and Rizzoo Rizzoo, it only can result in it being a potential hit. As speculations became reality, the trio came together to create a super hit for the Lone Star State. The Halfpint directed film just gave light to the drip that each rapper carries in their flow and in a matter of two weeks, the video has already garnered 100,000+ views. Seeing this song taking off right out of the gates just lets you know what kind of year that these guys are poised to have in the year of 2018. 

Check it out here.